nirmal omega - apartment for sale at mulund west, mumbai

Chandigarh, Thane

Nirmal, a leading property developer is identified as the front ranking property development companies in Mumbai.
Having built more than 50 lac sq. ft. residential and commercial complexes, the group is a name to reckon with the real estate markets in Mumbai.
While building and construction has been the core activity for the company, quality and innovation has by far been the soul for all its projects.
The group has been instrumental in promoting Mulund as a preferred destination for both residential and commercial spaces, hence branding Mulund as the &ldquoPrince of Suburbs&rdquo.
Establishments in Mulund sparked thirty years ago with &ldquoJahawar Talkies&rdquo, a renowned theatre in this corner of the city.
Today, Nirmal has become synonyms to Mulund with its vision and unprecedented approach towards the city.
The company was initiated in the year 1975, by Late Mr.
Jain a leading name in the Rajasthan community giving 30 years of excellence.
His impeccable foresightedness and vision laid a strong foundation of four major projects in Goa in the early rising of the company.
Mulund and Thane were soon under the influence of his developmental plans.