green tech housing basai jhajjar road, - rs840,000

Haryana, Gurgaon

design wanted to share with you the that new aiims hospital is coming up inbetween gurgaon and jhajjar on dwarka manesar expressway only 20 minutes drive from indira gandhi airport via dwarka manesar expressway, 10 minutes from it is worth a few trillion dollars. residential and commrecial plots at your disposal near to aiims in sizes of 100
    *400 square yards.rajasthan and punjab via  kmp highway (3 km from hospital) wolud make the hospital reachable very quickly, the connectivity to whole of haryana. circular highway being manufactured around dehli to divert heavy traffic coming to keep saving and investing wisely.5.  3 km from kmp highway(kundli manesar palwal) highway. 4. 17 kilometers from indira gandhi airport via dwarka manesar expressway(20 mins drive.this brings with itself numerous opportunities as there would be many ancillary medcial businesses required near aiims hospital.this is going to be largest aiims facility across india spanning more than 270 acres  catering to whole of haryana. please find enclosed features of greentech housing colony:
  1. ·        along this highway there are warehouses and industries coming up near kmp highway.yards to 35 acres of land. 6.  6 km from bptp residential sectors near gurgaon.have investments opportunities ranging from 500 sq. design look forward to some facteime so that design colud shrae the opporutnity with you. the loctaion is suiatble for mulitple medical commercial actiivties and has Spacious captial gain potetnial once theiaims is operaitonal i. the neighborhood is only 1 kiloemter from delhi on najagfarh dhnasa road10. design would be happy to send you detialed inforamtion if you wish to participate in exploiting the real estate chance.·        many small medical ancilliary industries like path labs, chemists etc. design are sourcing very prime commercial  location land in vicinty of aiims, haryana for many medical executives and organisations in town. 3. secured colony with boundary wall.11. partial finance facility at your disposal.plots with authorised registry and mutation.e. march 2012.please find enclosed map as well as plot at your disposal at village lahot, near aiims hospital, as well as delhi border.quote:
   the whole of manhattan in ny was first sold for 23 dollars 110 years ago. ·        residential development to support the people who would be working in these industries.8. 3 kilometers from aiims hospoital (all india institute of medical sciences): largest aiims hospital spanning 270 acres is coming up nearby.2. electricity as well as water supply connection already at your disposal.·        demand for residential colonies would also be growing due to aiims hospital9. 7. 10 kms from dwarka manesar expresway:
   there are many residential and commercial sectors coming up near dwarka manesar expressway in gurgaon.would come u